Scott could not help himself

Scott hoped his friend would be more open with his new sexuality after the great shift but he covered himself up and kept his new body to himself.

So even though this was violating his friends privacy he was sure it was the only way he was ever going to see his body naked.

He could not help himself from breaking into his best friend’s house and hiding a secret camera in his closet just so he could have a chance of seeing his new female body.

But he just could not believe what he was watching when he managed to recover the camera and watch what it had caught.

He was hoping to see his friend changing or something nothing like this but at least it gave him good masturbation material for the next couple of weeks.

Until he got cocky and let some of the other lads see it which inevitably led to Rich finding out about the tape and what his friend had done which did not go down very well.

As he was a lot more vindictive as a woman than he was as a man and he did not see this as a joke and got the local sheriff’s department involved & Scott is now looking at some serious charges on top of all his friends and family knowing what a little pervert he was.


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