Reluctance Date

Samuel and Samantha are brother and sister.
The special thing about them is that their parents are magicians.
So also Samuel and Samantha are also magicians to be.
On a weekend they were both alone at home.
Samuel wanted to watch a movie when suddenly his sister burst into the room and with a spell on him shot.
Samuel felt his body transforms.
He said: Why have you turned me into a girl?
Samantha: Because you’ll go out with Hanry today.
Samuel: We’ll see.

Samuel showed with his finger to his head and shot magic on himself to turn back. The only thing he felt was the spell at him bounced and his breasts were heavy. Surprised, he looked at his sister.

Samantha laughed and said: Did you really do it to you so easy to escape me?
Samuel screaming desperately: Transform me back immediately or our parents will find out.
Samantha: No, I will not and you’ll do what I tell you.
I have a date Hanry promised when he does my homework for a month.
He did that. That’s why I need someone for him a date with him. I want to do this to any of my girlfriends I have chosen you.

Samuel: But ….
Samantha: No buts. Or have you forgotten what happened to your best friend, and no one apart from you noticed it.
Samuel: NN .. No
Samantha: Well, he picks you up at 8 from just down the road.
Oh, if you have not noticed, I’ve missed you so transformed that only I can change you. So if someone tries to change you, your breasts will grow.
Samuel: I’ll get back at you when I have the chance.
Samantha: Maybe someday. Now you should prepare for your date and pick a new name, maybe Sabrina?

Samuel said reluctantly: Okay
Samantha: Well then, I wish you a nice date, Sabrina.

With no other choice Sabrina (Samuel) went toher date in the hope that her sister turned back when she has done the date.


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