Ratings Boost

Morphological tech led to the biggest changes in entertainment since Netflix. With appearance no longer an issue, actoresses (the new term) focused on the ability to make people laugh, cry, and care no matter what body they happened to be inhabiting at the time.
This is Zephyr Morrison. She rose to prominence playing the cynical male defense attorney Charlie Barnes in the Netflix series Fallen Angels. After he was killed in a shocking season finale, however, Zephyr stunned everyone by returning as Charlie’s sister Brit, a vivacious comic relief character who quickly overtook her brother in terms of popularity among fans of the show.
Once Zephyr experienced sex with his girlfriend in his morphologically adapted form, they immediately canceled all of their slated appearances as a male. Over the next decade she would inhabit the dreams of men and women across the country and kickstarted the trend of “crossover” actors that eventually became so common the term itself became unnecessary.


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