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The Inevitable

It was long past the day when I could have transitioned. I was 34 and the effects of testosterone were irreversible. That’s what I thought until one morning when I heard a ring at the door. Standing outside was a fit little piece of ass in a pretty kinky 80s gym-type bondage outfit. It wasn’t really my style.
“Hello, Tyrone,” she said, “I know this kind of outfit isn’t the kind of thing you like yet.”
“What? Who are you?” I said.
“I’m Theresa. You’ve never met me, but I know you quite well.”
I took a good look at her face. She looked like she could be my sister.
“How does that work, exactly,” I asked, “are you–like–a stalker?”
“No,” she responded, “I’m you in 150 years!”
I was stunned. Apparently at the age of 64, after saving money for a decade and drawing prototype bodies each night, I died of a heart attack and was cryogenically frozen. After reanimation I took advantage of neo-humanity’s mastery of molecular biology to transform myself into a sexy vixen.
After much deliberation, my feminized self convinced me to go a few rounds in the bed. I had learned a lot in the century and a half that separated us.
After the sex I became despondent. She didn’t have to ask me what the matter was.
“Chill out, Ty,” she said, “you don’t think I just came here to tease you, do you? As soon as we met we became two different people on different timelines. You don’t have to wait like I did. You’re coming to my time period today. I’m very wealthy in the future. If you think this body is nice, wait till you see the one I’ve designed for you!

Tactile Gif

Once you plug the USB 9 into the slot installed behind your ear you not only see Arianna rubbing her perky little breasts, but you also get to experience the sensation of the moment as it was recorded with the cutting edge tactile recorders that revolutionized the porn industry. You feel the the tingling hardening of her/your nipples, the increasingly nuanced sense of smell, the cold air in the room raising goosebumps on your ass and legs, and the warmth in your digitally simulated vagina as the first drops of moisture slide towards the entrance of your lips.
You often go to tactile livestreams and experience sex as your favorite actresses when you get off work. At first you had gone for the actors, but you rarely bother anymore. Gifs like this one suffice, however, when you just need to get off on your lunch break.

Ratings Boost

Morphological tech led to the biggest changes in entertainment since Netflix. With appearance no longer an issue, actoresses (the new term) focused on the ability to make people laugh, cry, and care no matter what body they happened to be inhabiting at the time.
This is Zephyr Morrison. She rose to prominence playing the cynical male defense attorney Charlie Barnes in the Netflix series Fallen Angels. After he was killed in a shocking season finale, however, Zephyr stunned everyone by returning as Charlie’s sister Brit, a vivacious comic relief character who quickly overtook her brother in terms of popularity among fans of the show.
Once Zephyr experienced sex with his girlfriend in his morphologically adapted form, they immediately canceled all of their slated appearances as a male. Over the next decade she would inhabit the dreams of men and women across the country and kickstarted the trend of “crossover” actors that eventually became so common the term itself became unnecessary.