Quicky Body Swap Consequences

Brent was playing around in the bookstore after swapping with his friend Jenny, waving her skirt up, revealing her cute panties. He told her he had found a special book not at the bookstore, that allowed magic, including the body swap. He was just teasing, and said he would change back right away. A stunned Jenny stood there shocked to suddenly be a dude, and staring at herself.

However, when Brent recited the return spell, it did not work! The book his body was holding also vanished in a quick flame! What he didn’t know was the book was only good for one spell and one spell only, as to not become to powerful or dangerous. His smiling look on his face soon faded as he realized the very skirt he was teasing with would be his clothes now, his type of clothes now for good, as he was stuck as a woman! Also what he didn’t realize was Jenny’s body had triple the sex drive of normal women, and her female urges were for men! He couldn’t believe that when he gazed up at his stunned and horrified former body, he was already getting turned on! How did she control this? Apparently she was better at it, since she was used to her body for all those years, and he would have to learn to tame his new desires!

Jenny was angry, and told him he should have never played with the spell. Now they were stuck, and even she admitted she was getting turned on by her form body as well! Eventually they were in the bathroom stall at the men’s room at the bookstore, and Brent now Jenny was already sucking her former cock, one of the only ways she could ever get it back! Meanwhile, Jenny was enjoying the male pleasure, and was thinking she was liking this, and would soon make Brent her new bitch! If she was stuck like this, she might as well play the part, and be a dominate male! She pulled her former mouth forward on her new cock, in utter bliss, telling Brent he would now have to be hers after making such a big mistake with the spell casting! Brent’s eyes lit as he realized his own cock tasted so good!


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