Putting the Total Swap App on His Phone (Part 4)

The next body John swapped into was that of Michelle, the next door neighbor’s young teenage daughter. John and his family had lived in this house for years as had their neighbors so he had seen Michelle grow from a young toddler into the attractive woman she was now.

As Michelle had gotten older her breasts developed wonderfully as did her sense of style which meant she was always showing them off. In the last few years John had stopped viewing the girl as he used to and started seeing her as more of a sex object.

It didn’t help that Michelle had become a huge flirt as she entered high school, trying to seduce every man around, that included John and his son. She’d frequently come over to hang out and use their pool in her tiny bikinis. One time when John was even off from work he saw the girl changing with her window wide open, she caught him peeping but rather than scream she winked and blew him a kiss.

John was married so he knew he shouldn’t have these thoughts but maybe next time Michelle came over with her flirty attitude he wouldn’t push he away. He figured in these kind of neighborhoods it seems like everyone is sleeping with everyone, even Nancy down the street was having an affair with his Son so why couldn’t he have one with the sexy girl next door, and it’s not like his wife would complain, he was pretty sure she was sleeping with the pool boy behind his back.


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