Oh god Alex please stay on point, Agent Alex Frost thought to himself as he put his arms around his target.
Agent Frost was a specialist in deep undercover assignments.
This assignment in particular was, interesting to say the least. First, Frost needed to kidnap and subdue his targets wife. Keeping her unconscious, she would be brought some place safe. Than, using state of the art nano-technology, Frost would actually become an exact copy of his targets wife in order to infiltrate the criminal organization.
However there was an unaccounted for variable. The female mind and body. Frost was wined and dined and felt a little light in the head. Before he knew it he was undressing himself and allowing himself to be caressed by the very man he was hired to eliminate.
Frost shuddered as the targets hands moved up his smooth legs. Staying on point was becoming the last thing on his mind.


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