Poker Champ

You wouldn’t believe it by looking at her but this girl used to be a guy and not only that he was the tops cards player in one of the most popular Las Vegas clubs. One day after he/she won a giant bet he was so excited that he named himself the Poker Champ. He wanted to celebrate his victory and decided to get a tattoo of a club to do it. He was in the wrong place at the wrong time. The girl who was going to give him the tattoo was so done with the guys on the strip always making comments to her, or pinching her, etc. etc. So when the self apointed Poker Champion said, “Hey Babe give me a tattoo right here and then maybe I’ll let you lick it.” the tattoo girl snapped and infused magic into her tattoo needle. She still gave the champ a tattoo he wanted but with added affects later on. The changes happened slowly but eventually the champ knew his life had changed for good.

3 years went by and the tattoo artist forgot all about the event. But then one day a pretty blonde chick walks into her shop and sits down. She explains that she is getting at tattoo to celebrate winning a poker game. Right as the tattoo artist was about to begin she noticed the club tattoo in the girls back and she froze realizing who this girl was. The girl then whispered, “Oh and Babe when you’re done maybe I’ll let you lick it. 😉


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