Pointing the Finger

“Don’t point the finger at me, it’s not my fault you messed up no the shed outside,” said Lee to his roommate George.

George replied, “I’ve had enough of your whining. You’ve been a bad roommate and friend. We’ll see who’s pointing the finger when I’m done. By the time I’m done, you won’t be working on any shed or building anything with me that’s for sure.”

“What are you going to do? Kill me? You are crazy, George,” said Lee.

“I wouldn’t do something like that, you should know me better than that. You should also know, I haven’t had a girlfriend in a year. That’s about to change. If you are going to be nagging like a girlfriend, maybe you should BE ONE, ha ha,” said George.

George muttered some words, and Lee, changed instantly, body and clothing. He was only wearing socks and underwear before with his shoes kicked off near him, so when the change hit, he became a beautiful brunette woman with nice breasts, and his underwear and socks fused, and turned black growing up his legs as the underwear grew down, forming sheer to waist black pantyhose, with reinforced toes. His cross trainer shoes became red pumps with straps on the back. Lee knew something was off, and looking down seen his new boobs, and flat crotch, along with the pantyhose that seemed to suit his new shapely legs! He pointed his finger at George.

“You see I told you, you would be pointing the finger. You are now my girlfriend, and Lee won’t do, how about Leanne? Sounds much more appropriate for a woman like you, and you are fully a woman now! Not only that, you are my live in girlfriend LEANNE. Get used to it, the change was permanent, and as another part of the spell you have to do as I say. Since you want to nag much of the time, you can be my nagging girlfriend, at least you will be good to look at now when you nag, and I can have fun with you for sure! By the way, you will not be helping me on finishing the shed or any other building projects, since you are a chick now, that would be inappropriate. You can stay inside and get fixed up for our hot date tonight, how about that? First, I’m going to finish the shed, and you are to get the rest of the way dressed, and by the way I love your pantyhose and heels. You need a tight dress to go with it to show your new curves, and large bottom. Now go get ready,” said George.

“George, you are a pig bastard, and sexist. You changed me against my will, and you’re even telling me I can’t work on the shed, because I’m a chick now? You are a real piece of work, change me back,” said the new Leanne, shocked at her new voice.

“I told you, it’s permanent. Now do as I say,” said George.

Leanne had to go get ready, as she was feeling pain when she didn’t listen for long!


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