Please me

I was getting sick of my best friend. Always bragging about how intelligent he was, how the girls loved him… I always felt inferior.
One day I decided to invite him over and end this. A simple potion in his drink, and a few minutes later, the changes began.

Funnily, it started with mental changes. He began giggling for no reason, he had more feminine mannerisms… It didn’t seem to bother him.
I played around, and questioned him about what he liked, what he thought about the TV show we were watching. At first, I noticed only a few changes, but then, he started saying “like”, “totally”, and things like that every second or so. It was pathetic.
He was like, totally into those dumb reality TV shows, loved shopping, and listening to pop music.

As he talked, his voice was getting higher, and his frame smaller. He would soon be floating in his manly clothes, and I could start guessing perky breasts under his shirt.
His hair grew longer, and blonde, his skin got whiter and hairless.
With another few tricks, he would soon be my beautiful airhead fucktoy. I love this stupid look on his face. The only thing that matters to him now is to please me…


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