Playing with Your Food

“Go on, take it” I smirked “Have some fun with the App”

Ever since I was sent the Master PC program on my computer my world has been completely different. I was a guy called Tom, attractive enough however he was curious about how the other side see the world.

That would of been fine of course if he hadn’t decided to also mess around with his personality, putting extra points into motivation, mischief and intelligence. The second he hit the button I was born.

I guess in a way I am still Tom, a far improved version of course and I prefer to go by Caroline now. But yes, anyway, after coming into existence I took the liberty of removing Tom from it, changing reality so that I had always existed instead.

Then, with a wry grin I decided to have a little fun with some of my new friends, downloading the app onto my phone I called up Matt and Ryan to come meet me for a boat cruise, they were confused but agreed and we quickly disembarked

“So, Cal, why’d you bring us here!?” Ryan asked confused.

“Well, my dears, I found a lovely little app which lets me control reality” I happily remarked.

Both of them giggled with laughter, thinking I was insane until I hit a button and everyone but us three disappeared off the boat

“Holy shit!” They both said, concerned.

“Anyway, now we’re alone I thought I should let you guys have a go”

However both were too nervous to touch the phone

“Go on, take it” I smirked “Have some fun with the App”

What the duo didn’t know was I’d already tampered with them to make things go the way I want.

Ryan picked up the phone first, I had programmed him to think that he’d always wanted to be cute Japanese woman. But had let them keep their free will as I was curious what they would do.

Suddenly Ryan started shrinking, his skin taking on an Asian hue from its usual pale complexion as well as his hair turning jet black while growing out and tying itself into a bun. His eyes took on a more almond shape and she quickly finished her transformation, looking attractive and well dressed in casual clothes.

“Hello, I am Keiko” She grinned from ear to ear, thinking that her dream had come true.

“Oh, Keiko, it’s lovely to meet you. You make a beautiful young woman” I said with a smile

Turning to face Matt with predatory look I stated in a voice as sweet as sugar “Your turn, Darling”

As Matt picked up the phone I recalled to how while changing Matt I found that in this reality he was madly in love with me… Well, I thought, “If he wants me, he can have me” I muttered giggling.

Matt finished his selection and pushed a button, immediately ginger hair started erupting out from his head as he shrunk down to the same height as me, our eyes locking in sync as his tanned skin turned pale and clothes turned to match mine.

And suddenly there were two of me locking eyes and grinning.

“That was mischievous of you to make Matt turn into us, Darling” She said with a wry grin

“Well, it’s what we do best dear” I said with wink… Suddenly realising I found myself incredibly attracted to the both Keiko and… well, other me!

“You mischievous bitch” I giggled

“Of course, I had to play around a little myself” She said pouncing over the table to kiss me and pulling Keiko in too.

It quickly devolved into a lesbian threesome… I may just have to call in some more friends.


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