Photo sesion

Daren was confused, just a minute ago he was walking down the street to his house when everything went black and he woke up in someone else’s house and someone else’s body.
Daren recognized the body he was in right now. It was Marie, the cute girl from school. Darren wandered around the house when Marie’s phone rang. “Hello” Darren said hesitantly. “Hi there cutie. Do you like your new body” A strange voice said
“Who are you? Why did you did this to me” Daren wanted an explenation. “You know me, and what did you said to me yesterday” Daren suddenly realized who is he talking to. “Rob? it’s you” Darren remembered how yesterday he made fun of Rob and his friend Steve while they were playing some fantasy card game. Rob and Steve couldn’t stand it so they decided to take revange and thanks to the body swapping scroll they recived recently they swapped Darren and Marie.
“What do you want” Darren asked. “Oh, just a few pics of your sexy body and we will consider it to change you back” Rob laughed. “What kind of pics” Darren asked. “Surprise me” Rob said and hung up.
Darren was angry but he wanted to get back to his body as soon as posible. He went to Marie’s room and picked up the sexiest set of lingerie he found and put it on. He stood still and took the first picture. “Nice” he recived a text back. “Now turn around” Darren did as he was commanded and took another picture.
Soon he was taking pictures in various poses trying his best hoping they would swap him back. On the other side of the phone Rob and Steve had great fun Watching the photos. They were so excited that they didn’t notice the cola on the table and accidentaly spilled it on the body swap scroll. The paper quickly soaked and was unable to read.
Rob and Steve looked at eachother “What are we gonna do now?” Steve asked. “Nothing. Let us just enjoy the show and keep it going before he realizes there’s no swapping back”


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