Perfect body

Tim was around visiting his nan. Tim said is nan could you go and make the tea dear. Yeah ok said Tim, Tim’s nan had a friend round as well. Right Aggie said Maggie Tim won’t hear this, I have meant to find that age regression spell and apparently it does work. Rosie at number 54 oh I haven’t see her for a while but her granddaughter said Aggie. Well said Maggie that’s Rosie, no your kidding said Aggie, yeah she is 21 again and loving it. Wow replied Aggie, all we need said Maggie is 2 young girls that we can swap with. My grand son Tim keeps showing me a picture of a beautiful 19 year old junior secretary at his work called work Amy. I would love get my hands on her body but also give my grandson his dream of sleeping with her whilst possessing her body. Tim overheard the conversation and was shocked. There was a part of him that wanted to him to get Amy to swap bodies with his nan to so he could fuck Amy.
One day Tim convinced Amy to have dinner at his nans house. Amy was a beautiful blonde19 year old with the most sexy body and great breasts Amy was wearing a blouse that only keep her breasts in a short black skirt and some killer heels. Nan this is Amy, Maggie stood up, well my said Maggie lovely to meet you what a beautiful girl you are she said. Thank you said Amy, wish I could have your lovely body. Maggie knew this was her chance. After getting to know Amy Maggie muttered under her breathe. That body will be mind soon. After dinner Maggie opened the wine and Amy had several glasses. Amy was feeling a bit tipsy now. So Maggie you said you wish you had a body like mine? Oh yes dear said Maggie, I will have your body, Amy laughed and at that point Maggie started to say the spell. Amy laughed and then screamed. Amy could feel herself lifting out of her body and over the room to Maggie’s body, no no no shouted Amy, Maggie laughed as she started to move into Amy’s body. My god said Maggie I’m fucking young again, look at my body, my god this is fucking amazing, at that point Maggie started to feel her soft skin on her face and feel her younger body.
Amy woke up, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO she screamed and I am old and in your old wrinkly body Maggie give me my youth back. Oh no dear you see you wasted your youth and I going to have fun. Maggie turned to her grandson who sat there shock. Tim babe you know you want Amy now fuck me, Nan this isn’t right there was a part of Timmy that did. Ok said Maggie was she ripped off the clothes to be only wearing heels. At that point Tim said I wanna fuck you. Amy watched as her old young body was being fucked her. However Amy could move or speak the spell stopped her. Oh Tim fuck my young body, yes Nan said Tim, Tim call me Amy after all I am in Amy’s body. Yes Amy, Now Tim give me your cum, Tim fucked Amy’s pussy, fuck said Tim as he filled the pussy. At that point Maggie has cummed herself. My god its been 40 years but that was good. Tim laid breathless that was one hell of a fuck and my fantasy. Maggie turned to Amy sorry dear what I forgot to explain was that once Tim cumme in me that spell is complete and there aian’t no going back. So sorry dear I’m going just going to enjoy your youth. Amy screamed and cried she was now trapped in Maggies ageing 80 year old body


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