Payback Backfired

Brian and Scott had a plan. They’d made an arrangement to get payback on Liam and Rob. After all, Liam and Rob had tormented them about their geekyness for much of high school. What better way to get revenge than to have a couple hot girls shoot them down and completely wreck their ego in the process?

Unfortunately, Brian should have checked the text better. He especially should have checked the trigger portion of the spell. The part which mentioned that the first time the spell was used, the libido of the users would be greatly enhanced. Far beyond reason.

But he didn’t check. And as a result what should have been a fool proof plan ended with Liam and Rob taking the two horny girls they’d met at the bar back up to their rooms. And had them gave them hand jobs. And blow jobs. And fuck them until morning.

Though there was a bright side. It wasn’t permenant. And, to add to the irony, Liam and Rob would both come down with an STD.


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