Patient Zero

The Bimbo Virus that would plague and reshape humanity started out in New York City in Club Venus.

Patient Zero was a blonde woman named Julie, and while how she was infected is unknown, she infected her boyfriend Shawn (shown here after his transformation) now known as Sara. They entered Club Venus and on the dance floor began to make out with each other.

When Julie and Sara began stripping each other, most people didn’t notice. Soon the two naked women turned on the crowd and began infecting them one by one. What started out as an ordinary evening devolved into an all night orgy, and everyone in the club had been transformed into a bimbo by the morning.

The bimbos spread from there, transforming more men and women into an ever growing army.

Club Venus is still open, the connection not ever having truly been made. Julie and Sara still put on shows for their audience, and many times the men that come in never come back out.

At least not with their cock intact.


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