Nearly done

“Oh you’re awake,” I say with a giggle as the transforming young man struggles to his, now her feet.

“I’m… a girl?” She asks, rubbing her new pussy and budding breasts in shock.

“That’s right,” I giggle. “And when we’re done we’ll get you out of these silly clothes and go find a man for you.”

“That sounds, good…” she says, her breasts nearly inflated as she strokes her clit. “Yesss… I want to be fucked so badly…”

I giggle, sometimes the transformations where easy, especially when the man was willing. I pull her shirt over her head as her long hair cascades down her shoulders.

“Cissy…” the new bimbo says with a moan, naming herself.

“Come on Cissy, let me show you a good time,” I say with a giggle.


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