Going for the record

Mark and Gwen loved to challenge each other. They each had very high libidos so these challenges often ended up being quite sexual. One day Gwen challenged Mark to an orgasm contest. Whoever had more orgasms in a day would win. Mark complained that Gwen had an unfair advantage being a woman. That was when Gwen produced a vial which she promised Mark would level the playing fields. Mark shrugged and downed the vial.A minute later he knew how it worked. The vial had made him into a chick. He was upset, but Gwen said she had the antidote and would give it to him in a week if he won the contest. Mark accepted this and tried to turn the situation to his advantage and kissed Gwen. Gwen pulled away grossed out and said she wasn’t in to chicks. She left the room and said she was going to be out going for the record.This is Mark four hours later going for orgasm number 29. He’d never felt anything so wonderful as the female orgasm and was starting to wonder if he’d even want to turn back when he won.


When Julie wake up this morning, she was feeling a bit odd. She have absoluetly no recollection of what she have done yesterday, or nothing before. She just just her name and she was obviously a girl. And that was strange because her room was clearly a man room. And the tee-shirt she wearing too. As she tryied to recompose who and where she was supposed to be, Meanwhile, in here head, Julian screaming for help even if he known he couldn’t be heard. The day before, he hav performed a spell to change him into a girl. He was supposed to wake up in sexy girl body. And that what happen, but he wasn’t in control of it anymore. He have accidently create a whole new persona and she was in control now. Julian’s persona was slowly fused with the new one, disapearing to be transform into the knowledge she will need. Soon, it will be only Julie in that pretty head.

Father and Son Go A Little Bitchy!

“Son, hurry… ah… up! Your mother will be here shortly! Msag’ro uo ynehw mrofs’nartl luoy!” it came from the blonde to the right of the sofa as she recited the magic spell that would allow her to transform on orgasm.Only it sounded like the voice of a middle-aged man.”Dad, I’m on… ah… it!” the brunette to the left said in the tune of a teenage boy, only to be interrupted by the opening front door.”Guys, I’m home!” the voice of the woman of the house was heard as she was crossing the few steps to the living room.”Oh crap!” the son said. That was when the blonde came. “Ah!”. Next there was a small*POOF!*to her left and the blonde that was actually her transformed father was gone, only to be replaced by…

A favorable ruling

Spencer peeled Mia’s thong down, exposing the pussy they now shared. As soon as the High Wizard gave his ruling, Spencer couldn’t teleport home fast enough.Ever since Spencer accidentally transferred his consciousness into his neighbor Mia’s body, he had had to be on his best behaviour. Even during the few hours that Mia allowed him to control the form they now both occupied, Spencer was well aware of Mia’s prying thoughts. He couldn’t get a moment alone to appreciate who he now was. Mia pointedly showered with her eyes closed and undressed under the sheets.But the High Wizard had ruled today that Spencer had a right to privacy, even if he was liable for the change. And so, three days a week, Mia’s consciousness was subdued and Spencer had the place to himself. He could put up with four days of hibernation a week if it meant he could use this body without compunction. Spencer giggled as he looked at his legs, mentally preparing for a long weekend making up for lost time.

Disco inferno

Mark desperately wanted to impress at the 70s theme party his friends were throwing, and scoured vintage shops for the right clothes to fit his skinny white frame. The moment he fastened up the buttons on a particularly funky shirt, the spirit of its previous owner flowed into him and changed him. His closely cropped hair sprung out in a huge Afro, his body thickened and his skin darkened rapidly. Any discomfort as his penis receded into his body was overshadowed by the pleasure he felt as big, round, black titties pushed the shirt out and popped his buttons! Cynthia was going to have a great time at the party, shaking her junk and indulging in some of the sweet young white cock there.

Help with the baby

“Honey!” Martin’s wife called out. “Don’t use that new bubble bath I bought from the mystic healer.” “It specially for me to help with breast feeding.” “Don’t worry sweetness, I’ll be able to help now,” Martin called back.

What a party!

“So long guys, thanks for the great party.” What was in that cocktail they had given him? Yesterday Martin wanted to join the guy’s gang, but today he felt different … he wanted to join the guys in a gang bang!

Hot Spring Baths

Randy and his friends were adventurers. They loved backpacking through the wilderness to areas that hadn’t seen the face of man in centuries. During one of their trips they came across the ruins of an ancient building, covered in vines, nearly indistinguishable from it’s natural surroundings. Read more