Sister in Law

“OK, Luis let me see you now, and remember; you have to look happy this time”Luis entered the room, jumping and smiling, trying to look his best, as if he was happy being in the body of her sister-in-law, happy of being a woman with two massive tits bouncing on his chest.”Good, now remember: you have to be the perfect girl and don’t try anything silly if you don’t want to spend the rest of your life inside my body”Ana had always been a tomboy who had always looked the part, much to the annoyance of her parents and her sister. Tonight her sister had decided to take a more active part in helping improve Ana’s love life set a date for her and one of Luis’ friends. Of course Ana was not pleased with the situation and, using a spell a friend had given her she switched bodies with Luis, her sister’s husband.Initially they both were in shock, Ana honestly surprised that the spell had actually worked, but she quickly took control of the situation and forced an incredulous Luis to wear feminine tight clothes and to have the date with his friend instead of her.”And remember, if you want to have your body back, you have to be the perfect date, doing everything your friend wants. If he is a nice, decent guy I guess he is going to be happy by getting my phone number and the promise of a second date. And if you were trying to set me up with a horny perv, well, I believe you are going to get what you deserve”Luis had no choice but to obey and go out that night with his friend, afraid because he knew that Ana was exactly the type of girl he liked most: tall with huge knockers and also because he had a reputation for bedding all his girlfriends. He was also regretting having thought that what her sister-in-law needed to change her tomboyish ways was a good fuck.As Luis left with his friend, Ana returned to his home, feeling tall and powerful in her male body, thinking of how wonderful it felt not having on her chest the enormous. jiggling back-breaking masses she had carried since junior high. She thought she was going to behave like a jerk with her sister as revenge for meddling with her life as she was turning the key of the front door, but instead they ended drinking wine and dancing to soft music in the living room. Ana was surprised of how different her sister was to her usual self with her husband and before she knew it she was fucking her, feeling great watching the look on her face as she was trusting Luis’ dick inside her vagina, feeling powerful by having her bossy, obnoxious sister moaning and begging for more, loving the feel of her sister’s soft breasts on her hands and the warm, moist feel of her pussy tight around her cock.As Ana screamed with joy and ejaculated inside his wife, Luis was fumbling with the keys of Ana’s apartment in small part because he didn’t know which was the right one and in big part because of the way his friend was groping her, squeezing her tits in his hands, rubbing his crotch against her ass and pressing his rock hard erection to her. Luis knew that the moment the door closed behind them he is going to be undressed, taken to bed and get fucked really hard.He didn’t make it past the couch.

Teach her responsibility – Part 4

You see, Jessica and Jared, my daughter and son, have gotten a little out of control, so me and my husband Anthony decided to swap bodies with them to teach them a lesson, but when I had seen the footage of my son fucking a man with my body, I decided it was time for payback. It’s been weird two days in Jared’s body, but when you avoid any contact with the cock (like me) it all goes smoothly. I only got to touch it with my eyes closed when I went too pee and it felt weird. It’s not hard and throbbing like it usually is when I blow Anthony. This time it looked liek it was resting, so I decided to leave it at that. But after I heard the news, and that was while I was at dinner with a couple of friends, I had to do something. I went to the bathroom, turned on his phone and typed in the search bar “blowjob”. There were some results in the recent searches so I clicked at one of them and waited it to load. Disgusting, how can he even like this. But okay, I have a plan and it requires of me to cause him an erection. So whatever flows his boat, I guess.I started watching the video and I skipped the introduction. So far, no effect. Then came the part when the guy revealed his rock-hard cock. The girl was shocked by the size and she started measuring it and seeing how long it is compared to her arm. She was smiling the whole time. While she was rubbing her pussy, I imaginedthe cum on her fa– Wait! The fuck?! Wait a second? What am I thinking? Usually I admire the size of the cock, but now I only paid attention to the girl’s reaction and her smile. I’m not attracted to the guy at all. Wait! What’s happening?! Ohhhhhh, ummmmmm, its working……. mmmmmmm it’s hard…. and long…. Holy fuck it’s long…. So this is how men feel… they can get a huge hard-on just from the smile and shock and eyes of the girl….ummmmm…. gotta finish the plan now…I was super-horny, because that was my first time being horny as a guy, so I decided to complete my plan: to enter the ladies’ restroom with my hard cock swinging out of my pants. Unfortunately, there was nobody in there but one person. It was Naomi, one of the girls I went out with to dinner. She turned towards me only to greet me with a smile.” Why are you smiling?” I asked, while she continued staring at my cock ” It’s not big enough?”” Oh, it’s big enough….. But what do you think you’re doing? “” Seducing you… and by the look of your eyes: you can’t resist me… can’t resist my cock….”” Well, it’s….ummmm… it’s big…. huge, to be exact….””Fuckable?””VERY fuckable….. but you want me to suck it now?””If you do, I’ll come by later to your place and fuck you again….. in the pussy….””Okay, quick, before nobody sees us. I don’t want a word of this to anyone, got it?” She said as she knelt down and started sucking”Of course, wouldn’t want to be irresponsible, you know?”

Not such a good friend.

Matthew was still angry with his friend for forcing him to do this.It was one thing to use black magic to turn your friend into a carbon copy of the girl you had a crush on for years but it was another thing to make him do a striptease in the belief that you would turn him back afterwards when you have no intention of doing it whatsoever.As you watch him strip off his jacket naked apart from his underwear gyrating in front of you as you sit there drooling over him wondering what you could make him do next.

Shut up!

Dude! Shut the hell up! Someone is going to hear you!Me? You are the one fucking me! I never knew you grunted so much when you fucked a girl!I am not the one who pulled the stupid card out of the hat!Fuck you! I didn’t know there was a gender switch card in there! How the hell was I to know that? And what about you? Pulling that damn card that says you have to take the girl closest to you upstairs and give her something she has never had before? Steve you are such a jerk. I told you to go sit somewhere else after you changed, but Nooo, you had to get all shy and sit next to me until the game was over. Fuck you are tight!Mike you are such an asshole! What was I going to do? I sat beside you because I didn’t want any of those other guys looking at me like this! Ohhhh jeeze you have a big cock.Will you just shut up and let me get this over with? Its one thing to fuck someone I don’t know, but fucking my best friend who has been turned into a woman is another. Mind you, you make a pretty hot chick!You mean you aren’t about done? Fuck Mike! We can’t be up here all night. I can’t be a …. FUCK OH FUCK!What’s wrong?Im cumming…. IM FUCKING CUMMING!Maybe this isnt bad after all. You make a good babe! I think I may just fuck you a little bit longer. Give you something you haven’t had…..What the hell is that?Multiple orgasms!

Teach her responsibility – Part 3

You’d think having the worst parents in the world is enough, but to them it ain’t! They thought me and my sister were “irresponsible” and some other shit, so they got their hands on some fucking product that swaps bodies. My father Anthony swapped bodies with my sister Jessica and my mother Maggie swapped bodies with me.So the day after mom and dad swapped us, each one of us got something to do. Jessica went out to do some shit and my dad stayed home. I don’t know where my fucking mother went– now in my fucking body of course! Apparently, my mother had to go to a hotel opening ceremony or something like that. I was still furious at my mother that night and I wanted to teach her a lesson. Nobody who swaps bodies with me can go unpunished! She thinks she and dad are teaching me and Jessica a lesson…. but no–it’s the exact opposite.I decided to wear the most slutty clothes I could find and there were sadly not enough. Somehow I found a really short skirt and a white slim shirt that made the tits look huge.Lemme tell you something I don’t regret in all of this nonsense…… My mom is a MILF. And when I say a MILF, I really mean it. I tell you, if she hadn’t gotten a job in hotel management, she’d be a fucking pornstar. Her tits– hehe– MY tits are fucking huge! They’re swinging around everywhere I go, I just wanna squeeze them the whole time. And my ass– Ohhhh– my fucking ass– it’s amazing especially in this skirt. I tried looking at my self in the mirror and I still can’t believe that’s me. Those eyes– Those eyes that look like they’re eyefucking you the whole time. Of course, I was too creeped out to think about something sexual while I was in her body because– well, she’s my mother for God’s sake!But that didn’t last long… you’ll see why. When I came to the ceremony, I was greeted with silence because noone was used to seeing my mother like this. Throughout the whole party, the guys just kept creeping behind me and staring at my ass. Eventually, this guy came up to me and said “So, what do you think about the rooms?” and I said the most stupid thing ever:” I dunno, wanna try’em?”LIke, who says that! In the meantime, while we were going to one of the hotel rooms, I figured out that the female hormones kicked in and that I was no longer attracted by women, but by men. I think you can imagine the rest of the story: I blew him, he ate my pussy, he fucked me in the ass, I blew him again, he fucked me in the ass agan, then in the pussy for the end. I regret it all… What’s that? What do you say? Why did I regret it? Well, first of all the sex was amazing, I would’ve done it a million times again if I could, but the real reason I regret it is because I didn’t know there were security cameras in there, I don’t know why for, maybe so someone doesn’t steal before the opening or some shit.Somehow, that footage got to my mother… How do I know? Because she texted me and it said: “I see you had fun… That’s a very bad move. You’ll get what’s coming to you. P.S. You should better clean that skirt so that there are no cum stains. I don’t want to wear clothes with cum on them IF I swap us back…”

I’m one of the girls

Well it has to be said this has been one interesting day. I’ve been in the company of three lovely pretty girls throughout.What they haven’t realised it that their new friend, the fourth girl, the one on the left in this picture, is normally a man. And why would they?After all right now I have the body of a woman. I have a vagina just like them. I have shapely legs and a nice bum like them. I have breasts like them too, heck they’re even jealous of how big they are! Problem is, I love this body. I only did this so I could get close to them, find out what they wanted in a man so I could later swoop in and be that very man that they desired. But I don’t think I can leave.At first, I was so aroused by being with them, my breasts were tingly and I was so wet and damp between my legs but as time went on that shifted.I noticed that my focus shifted from their bodies to mine. My focus went to how my body looked and felt.I felt my nipples tingle as the breeze went over them. I felt the heat of the sun beat down on my soft smooth skin. I felt how my breasts shifted and moved. I felt all this and realised, I could never go back. The feeling in this body was too exquisite.I’m not one of the boys anymore, I’m one of the girls. And I’m going to stay with them!!!

Sexual Demands.

Ok you bastard you win said Patrick to his roommate as he ripped off his bra exposing his large and bouncing breasts.Patrick was not too pleased with the idea of sleeping with his roommate but what choice did he have.his roommate Michael had slipped something into his beer the other night which turned him into a sex crazed female and refused to turning back until he had his dirty way with him.Just two days in this female body and having to wear some of his ex-girlfriends clothing he could not help noticing his increased sex drive he could not walk past a phallic object without getting a turn on.So he gave in to his roommates demands for sex but what Poor Patrick does not know is that his roommate has no idea of how to turning back but he will cross that bridge in the morning.

Are you sure?

“Dude…. You are sure you want me to do this to you?”Mike could feel his friend Steve’s hand on his hardening cock as he pulled him to his sexy new body. Steve had accidentally used the spell book to try and make his ex girlfriend come back to him. Instead, Steve had turned into himself into the perfect likeness of Mike’s ex. It had started out with a simple kiss but now the two of them were naked and Steve wanted to feel Mike inside his new pussy.”Steve… you know if we do this too long you will be like that forever right?” Mike watch as his cock slipped into his best friend’s new sexy form, guided by his buddies small hand. That was all Mike could take. He wants to be my girlfriend, then I will fuck him like the woman he is!

First time nerves.

Thomas lost his body in the great shift like so many others and had a hard time coming to terms with it he was scared of losing control and forgetting who he used to be.But as time rolled on & a lot of therapy he started to come to terms with his new gender.He no longer got angry at people calling him miss or madam he started noticing the good things not just the bad that came with being a woman.He started dressing and acting feminine more and more until one night he was sat alone in a bar drinking his fourth beer of the night and feeling a little bit intoxicated when a handsome looking man came over and started talking to him.Which just a couple of weeks ago would have scared him but now he found himself slightly turned on by the guys attention he could not tell if it was the beer or the raging female sexual hormones crying out to be seen to.He ended up spending the night with this man which opened his eyes to a whole new world of pleasure as he felt the man penetrating him slightly painful at first.But the waves of pleasure grew with every thrust as he was enjoying the sensation & all the stress left his body leaving in its place a feeling of satisfaction and he could not believe that he had not done it sooner as he cried out in pleasure thank God for the great shift.

The Eternal Maid

The illustrious Whitehorse family has been becoming rich and powerful ever since they discovered oil fields out in Mexico. The Whitehorse family become one of the wealthiest families in the world almost going to war against several other illustrious families such as the Bradley’s who been the wealthiest family to date up until the Whitehorses become rich of its oil trade and sex slavery trade. Jack leader of the Bradley family another illustrious family who become rich due to military conquest of poor regions to exploit there population and resources to there own advantage, they basically battled between the growing Whitehorse family in secret. When the Whitehorse took control of the US government in a coup they arrested Jack then deported him to one of there clinical facility in the Midwest where they would transform into a female sex slave. Jack family assets worse Siezed and he and his family was sentenced to sex slavery. Jack was soon thrown into a cryogenic container to hold him in while they transfer him to the facility. Once Jack arrived the Whitehorse’s decided to turn him into a French maid to work at there private estate. Jack was then placed in a gas chamber where he was exposed to agent estrogen a chemical used to physical alter a persons gender. During this process Jack was in pain as he body formed breasts, while his penis and balls erupt mass liters of jizz as it is sucked back into his body. Then his hair grew extensively, his face became completely femine, his hips widen, his lips filled up, his body shrunken, his waist finned, his body hair disappeared, and his skin become silky smooth. As his body transformation was complete he was then placed in front of a mirror he look exactly like a French women. Then she was placed in a chaired were she was restrained and then a helmet was placed on her head and her mind was altered, she was given false memories of being born as Elise a French women who decided to work forever as an obedient slave and servant to the whitehorse family for being rescued from the ghettos of Paris. Then she was given an injection of an experimental drug which made immune to aging and eternally young. Soon she was carried into the maid dressing room at the estate where she saw her maid out layed out for her in the room. Naturally Elise placed on the outfit and went to work cleaning the house and providing sexual services to the members of the Whitehorse family. Kyle then ordered Elise to enter his chambers where he placed a collar on her neck which has the ability to see what’s she sees, hears, and think while also being able to alter her body and mind, and could repair her if wounded because the body she was given has a factory setting which could be repaired and reprogrammed. Kyle ordered Elise to give him a BJ and allow him to fuck her for several hours. She sold started to get on her knees feeling pleasure as her pussy gets wet and her nylons and sexy clothing presses against her body. She immediately gets start sucking off Kyle then cradles his balls then teabags them. She then swallows her masters load feeling absolute pleasure and enjoyment of the taste of her masters load. Then she lays flat on her belly and is then ordered to shut up which her body because of the program placed on her body and mind then the Kyle sticks his cock into her then strokes it constantly in her new fuckable ass then after he cums he grabs her places her on her back and then fucks her vagina until her organism several times in her Pussy. She then gets on her knees again to allow her master to cum all over her face. Kyle is a middle age man and his family made several discoveries such as being able to remain fit, have unlimited organisms, and remain young. So Kyle was able to cum over 100 something times in Elise before he got bored and decided to focus his attention else where. Elise then cleaned all the cum on her face and the digested it since jizz is the only meal sex slaves are fed since there body’s are immortal and they don’t need to eat. Elise continues to serve the Whitehorse family eternally in the body of a French maid without even remembering she used to be this leader of an illustrious family herself