I can’t believe my stupid stepson did this to me, I knew I should’ve send him to the military school a month ago but he found out and told me that he had a better plan to fix our relationship.It’s been a month and he still fucks me twice everyday, the worst part is that his mother think that I left her and is spending all of my money is this dumbass and in slutty clothes for me “his girlfriend”At least I still live in my house with all my luxuries because he told me that if I ever tried to warn my wife about this he’d just sell me to a pimp and that if I thought fucking twice a day was bad twice an hour was even worse… it sounds better though

Spellbook Change Back Mishap

I turned into a girl from a spell I found in an old book and I didn’t want to turn back. The only way I could remain a girl was if I climaxed in this body. But getting off as a girl is hard. I just wasn’t in the mood. Time was almost up and I started reading one of my girlfriend’s romance novels. It was steamy and I could feel myself getting wet. As I was reading, I started fingering myself and knew that I was going to climax. Yet just before I did, I could feel the change back to a man coming on. It started with my junk, just like it did before. With my hand wrist deep in my pussy, I saw my clit grow out into a dick. Something about seeing that made me cum harder than I ever had, squirting all over my hand. As I lay back breathing deeply, I realized what I had done to myself. The transformation had stopped and now I was trapped as a girl with a dick and a pussy! Although, maybe now I can have even more fun with my girlfriend when she gets home…

Nick forces Jeff to become a woman

No, stop it Nick, why are you doing this?Shut up Jeff. As soon as I caught you drinking this temporary sex change potion I immediately said to myself that I can avenge my sister. Bad luck for you, I know this potion and if you cum while you’re transformed, the change becomes permanent. This will be your punishment for having mistreated my little sister and drop her via SMS.No, I beg you. No! Oh oh oh oooohhh my god!!!!

Start of something pt 2

After making Angelia a living sex doll, Nick was feeling really good. However, he wanted to make all of the girls who made his life a living hell pay. He had already isolated Angelia from her family, but not her friends. Though Angelia was the worst, her best friend Mia was just as horrible. She would constantly ridicule him, even going as far as hacking into his social media to change everything. He hatched a plan to have her under his spell as well. Nick commanded Angelia to invite Mia over to talk and to get ready to go clubbing. He told Angelia to act normal during that time until he told her it was alright. When Mia got to the house, Angelia led her to the guest room and made an excuse that she had to finish something up. When Anglia left, Nick entered and said the soul banishment spell. Immediately, Mia was speechless, motionless, and expressionless. He told Anglia to get back to the room and for Mia to get naked. Now, he was going to see how these girls really loved each other.


“What a gorgeous face I have now.” Sean had passed away over a century ago, but he had been unable to pass on. Over the years, many people would live on the land on which he had died. Tired of being forgotten, he saw an opportunity to escape. Shannon was always stuck-up and spoiled, never really appreciating what she had. Sean waited till she was alone and pounced on her. He entered her body and felt her mind and personality fall to the wayside, almost asleep. Now, Sean was familiarizing himself with his new body.


My flatmate was some sort of wizard. Every time I would forget to clean the dishes or clean up my mess, he would turn me into an exact copy of my girlfriend and fuck me.While I was her, I became obedient and would do anything he wanted me to, so after our first fuck-session, I would clean the entire flat, naked, and he would watch me, masturbating.When I turned back to being myself, I felt like he violated my girlfriend’s privacy, but somehow, I didn’t say anything…I kept making “mistakes” and kept being punished, but I learned to enjoy it. Soon, he would be filming it, and I would just moan like the mindless slut I’ve become.Whenever my girlfriend wanted to see me, my flatmate would turn into my old self and date her. I wasn’t jealous or anything, I could still “see” her, and get a hard cock inside me every day…

Never parting with it.

God this felt too good! Why would Stan have ever parted with this necklace?It had started as a curiosity. Thomas’s friend Stan claimed to have a magic necklace that would turn the wearer into a hot chick. Thomas was skeptical, but also a little curious and asked to borrow it.He’d finally gotten around to trying it out right before bed, which was fortunate because after he turned into a woman he hasn’t been able to stop touching himself. It was now 4 AM and he was still going strong. there was no way he was ever giving Stan the necklace back.

Going for the record

Mark and Gwen loved to challenge each other. They each had very high libidos so these challenges often ended up being quite sexual. One day Gwen challenged Mark to an orgasm contest. Whoever had more orgasms in a day would win. Mark complained that Gwen had an unfair advantage being a woman. That was when Gwen produced a vial which she promised Mark would level the playing fields. Mark shrugged and downed the vial.A minute later he knew how it worked. The vial had made him into a chick. He was upset, but Gwen said she had the antidote and would give it to him in a week if he won the contest. Mark accepted this and tried to turn the situation to his advantage and kissed Gwen. Gwen pulled away grossed out and said she wasn’t in to chicks. She left the room and said she was going to be out going for the record.This is Mark four hours later going for orgasm number 29. He’d never felt anything so wonderful as the female orgasm and was starting to wonder if he’d even want to turn back when he won.


When Julie wake up this morning, she was feeling a bit odd. She have absoluetly no recollection of what she have done yesterday, or nothing before. She just just her name and she was obviously a girl. And that was strange because her room was clearly a man room. And the tee-shirt she wearing too. As she tryied to recompose who and where she was supposed to be, Meanwhile, in here head, Julian screaming for help even if he known he couldn’t be heard. The day before, he hav performed a spell to change him into a girl. He was supposed to wake up in sexy girl body. And that what happen, but he wasn’t in control of it anymore. He have accidently create a whole new persona and she was in control now. Julian’s persona was slowly fused with the new one, disapearing to be transform into the knowledge she will need. Soon, it will be only Julie in that pretty head.