First time nerves.

Thomas lost his body in the great shift like so many others and had a hard time coming to terms with it he was scared of losing control and forgetting who he used to be.But as time rolled on & a lot of therapy he started to come to terms with his new gender.He no longer got angry at people calling him miss or madam he started noticing the good things not just the bad that came with being a woman.He started dressing and acting feminine more and more until one night he was sat alone in a bar drinking his fourth beer of the night and feeling a little bit intoxicated when a handsome looking man came over and started talking to him.Which just a couple of weeks ago would have scared him but now he found himself slightly turned on by the guys attention he could not tell if it was the beer or the raging female sexual hormones crying out to be seen to.He ended up spending the night with this man which opened his eyes to a whole new world of pleasure as he felt the man penetrating him slightly painful at first.But the waves of pleasure grew with every thrust as he was enjoying the sensation & all the stress left his body leaving in its place a feeling of satisfaction and he could not believe that he had not done it sooner as he cried out in pleasure thank God for the great shift.


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