Teach her responsibility – Part 4

You see, Jessica and Jared, my daughter and son, have gotten a little out of control, so me and my husband Anthony decided to swap bodies with them to teach them a lesson, but when I had seen the footage of my son fucking a man with my body, I decided it was time for payback. It’s been weird two days in Jared’s body, but when you avoid any contact with the cock (like me) it all goes smoothly. I only got to touch it with my eyes closed when I went too pee and it felt weird. It’s not hard and throbbing like it usually is when I blow Anthony. This time it looked liek it was resting, so I decided to leave it at that. But after I heard the news, and that was while I was at dinner with a couple of friends, I had to do something. I went to the bathroom, turned on his phone and typed in the search bar “blowjob”. There were some results in the recent searches so I clicked at one of them and waited it to load. Disgusting, how can he even like this. But okay, I have a plan and it requires of me to cause him an erection. So whatever flows his boat, I guess.I started watching the video and I skipped the introduction. So far, no effect. Then came the part when the guy revealed his rock-hard cock. The girl was shocked by the size and she started measuring it and seeing how long it is compared to her arm. She was smiling the whole time. While she was rubbing her pussy, I imaginedthe cum on her fa– Wait! The fuck?! Wait a second? What am I thinking? Usually I admire the size of the cock, but now I only paid attention to the girl’s reaction and her smile. I’m not attracted to the guy at all. Wait! What’s happening?! Ohhhhhh, ummmmmm, its working……. mmmmmmm it’s hard…. and long…. Holy fuck it’s long…. So this is how men feel… they can get a huge hard-on just from the smile and shock and eyes of the girl….ummmmm…. gotta finish the plan now…I was super-horny, because that was my first time being horny as a guy, so I decided to complete my plan: to enter the ladies’ restroom with my hard cock swinging out of my pants. Unfortunately, there was nobody in there but one person. It was Naomi, one of the girls I went out with to dinner. She turned towards me only to greet me with a smile.” Why are you smiling?” I asked, while she continued staring at my cock ” It’s not big enough?”” Oh, it’s big enough….. But what do you think you’re doing? “” Seducing you… and by the look of your eyes: you can’t resist me… can’t resist my cock….”” Well, it’s….ummmm… it’s big…. huge, to be exact….””Fuckable?””VERY fuckable….. but you want me to suck it now?””If you do, I’ll come by later to your place and fuck you again….. in the pussy….””Okay, quick, before nobody sees us. I don’t want a word of this to anyone, got it?” She said as she knelt down and started sucking”Of course, wouldn’t want to be irresponsible, you know?”


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