Sister in Law

“OK, Luis let me see you now, and remember; you have to look happy this time”Luis entered the room, jumping and smiling, trying to look his best, as if he was happy being in the body of her sister-in-law, happy of being a woman with two massive tits bouncing on his chest.”Good, now remember: you have to be the perfect girl and don’t try anything silly if you don’t want to spend the rest of your life inside my body”Ana had always been a tomboy who had always looked the part, much to the annoyance of her parents and her sister. Tonight her sister had decided to take a more active part in helping improve Ana’s love life set a date for her and one of Luis’ friends. Of course Ana was not pleased with the situation and, using a spell a friend had given her she switched bodies with Luis, her sister’s husband.Initially they both were in shock, Ana honestly surprised that the spell had actually worked, but she quickly took control of the situation and forced an incredulous Luis to wear feminine tight clothes and to have the date with his friend instead of her.”And remember, if you want to have your body back, you have to be the perfect date, doing everything your friend wants. If he is a nice, decent guy I guess he is going to be happy by getting my phone number and the promise of a second date. And if you were trying to set me up with a horny perv, well, I believe you are going to get what you deserve”Luis had no choice but to obey and go out that night with his friend, afraid because he knew that Ana was exactly the type of girl he liked most: tall with huge knockers and also because he had a reputation for bedding all his girlfriends. He was also regretting having thought that what her sister-in-law needed to change her tomboyish ways was a good fuck.As Luis left with his friend, Ana returned to his home, feeling tall and powerful in her male body, thinking of how wonderful it felt not having on her chest the enormous. jiggling back-breaking masses she had carried since junior high. She thought she was going to behave like a jerk with her sister as revenge for meddling with her life as she was turning the key of the front door, but instead they ended drinking wine and dancing to soft music in the living room. Ana was surprised of how different her sister was to her usual self with her husband and before she knew it she was fucking her, feeling great watching the look on her face as she was trusting Luis’ dick inside her vagina, feeling powerful by having her bossy, obnoxious sister moaning and begging for more, loving the feel of her sister’s soft breasts on her hands and the warm, moist feel of her pussy tight around her cock.As Ana screamed with joy and ejaculated inside his wife, Luis was fumbling with the keys of Ana’s apartment in small part because he didn’t know which was the right one and in big part because of the way his friend was groping her, squeezing her tits in his hands, rubbing his crotch against her ass and pressing his rock hard erection to her. Luis knew that the moment the door closed behind them he is going to be undressed, taken to bed and get fucked really hard.He didn’t make it past the couch.


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