Origin of the Magic, part 6

“Brianna?” Fiona asked into the house.
“Hi guys. I’ve made you some milk. Well, it just kinda popped out of my tits, but still it’s for you.”
“Hi Bri”, Henri greeted her, “I knew you would change your mind.”

Days later
“Guys we have a problem.”
Henri and Fiona stopped kissing and Fiona replied, “What is it honey?”
“My milk. I’m running short on it… I know I still got some in my body, but it’s just so hard to catalys. I wish we had the right methods to do that.”
“I think I’ve got an idea”, Fiona said and opened one of the many shelves, before pulling out a black piece of clothing, “Put this on.”
“Sure. No reason to not trust you.”

A few minutes later
“Wow, Bri you look fantastic.”
“You really do.”
“Thanks I really like this little cow bell. It creates a sense of… You needing me. And to be honest this makes me really, really horny”, she said while running her hands down her curves.
“Well, I think we can help there”, Henri said and pulled up Brianna’s NSFW top and her bra to begin sucking her breast, as Fiona, while Brianna moaned in pleasure. Slowly she moved her hand towards her skirt and shortly after her screams of pleasure got even louder.


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