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One Thing Just Led to Another…

I have no idea exactly what brought me here, but all I knew was that things got out of hand way too fast. I waited for my parents to go to work before I got out of bed and smoked a few rips from my bong. I snuck into my older sister’s bedroom like I’ve done a thousand times before to take part in my most secret hobby. Read more

Crashing the party

Mike had heard about the girls for quite some time. Every month or so, the rumors said, the girls would get together and have crazy lesbian sex with each other. Sometimes they’d invite a new girl to join their group. Mike just couldn’t put the notion out of his mind. He decided that he just had to see what went on, even if it meant dressing up as a girl. Mike knew the blond girl in the blue and white dress, her name was Deirdre. He convinced her that he was serious about joining the fun. “You know, if we do induct a new girl, she’s the party favor for the evening, right? Everyone gets a turn at her.” This did nothing but entice him more. Mike agreed quickly, even when Deirdre added that he’d have to wear a chastity device for the night. “Don’t want to scare the girls, do we?” Read more