Club Venus

I need to get this story out before its too late.

I had heard all the rumors about what went on in Club Venus, but my curiosity got the better of me. I went inside the club, and had a few too many drinks when I saw one of the strippers looking at me.

She took my hand and pulled me into a private room. Before I knew what was happening she had pulled off my pants and was riding my cock hard. After that everything was a blur, I cummed so many times in her tight pussy I lost count.

When I finally came too, she was gone and I was in some sort of dressing room. I looked in the mirror, and was shocked at what I found. My masculinity was gone, replaced by a beautiful blonde woman with a perfect figure.

“Hey Samantha, get dressed, you’re on in 5,” a woman’s voice says from the door.

“Yes Madame,” I hear myself say. Now I’m out on the dance floor, every man in the place has their eyes on me. I feel Samantha’s mind pushing mine out, and know that its the future of every man here. I want to warn them… warn them about what?

*giggle* What silly boys, come here to watch us and now they’ll join us. But which silly boy will be the first to fill my pussy?

How about you handsome?


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