Off Black

A shooting star was flying by, but Henry didn’t see it as he was indoors. He told his friend Lee, he wished for one thing for Christmas, a sexy MILF. Somehow, his wish was granted, but it changed him into that MILF. Now he stands there puzzled, dressed sexy in nothing but off black sheer to waist pantyhose, with long blonde hair, reasonable breasts, and a new vagina, replacing his old male junk. His friend was puzzled too, but turned on by the MILF in front of him.”Ok, what just happened? Oh even my voice has changed? I think I’m the MILF I wished for? What’s going on, and why do you suddenly look so good Lee? Oh no, my mind is changing along with my body, and what’s this? All I’m wearing are these pantyhose. This is so strange,” said Henry.Lee smiled, “Henry that’s you in there? I think in some twisted way, your wish was granted, except you are the MILF. You are the very person you wished for. How does it feel, Henry? You have nice boobs, what should we call you, Henrietta? Ha.”Henry was not amused, “It feels strange, and I wish you could find out how it feels, Lee, you fucking bitch.”The star was still overhead, and suddenly Lee was changed as well. He changed into a brunette, with hair to his ass, which was now large and round. He got even larger boobs than Henry, they were enormous, and his hips expanded quite a big also. His new pussy formed, and he had a huge clit too. He had on nude shiny pantyhose, and knee high boots, with five inch heels, and nothing else, except maybe tons of makeup, and large hoops earrings, a tongue ring, belly button ring, and five rings on his new pussy! Lee was terrified, and suddenly a burly man appeared, and made a thrust right through the cotton crotch of the new hose. Lee was now a fucking bitch, as his new man was fucking him senseless.”Oh, um, why, did, um this, oh, like happen, oh my, this feels so weird, um good, oh uh, oooh,” said Lee engorged in sex from the female side.Henry was so preoccupied with his new boobs and pussy, he didn’t manage to wish them back in time, and the star was gone. When he tried to wish them back, nothing a happened. Their new desires were getting the better of them, and soon they were in an all out threesome with the man there, which turns out was a horny local neighbor, the star used for the wish. Soon they would find out their neighbor was a pimp, and would make them two his new ho’s Henrietta Humps, and Leanne Lust.


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