Obedient Daughter

“Dad! How could you!” yelled Eric at his father. “Sorry son, it was the only way I could get you to do what I tell you to.” “But Daaaaaadddd! Why did you have to turn me into a girl?!” “Because I figured that it was the only way to ensure that you would listen to me in the future.” “Look at these Dad! Boobs! I have boobs! And a pussy!” “And, son, a fully functional female reproductive system to go with them.” replied Eric’s dad “Oh, and I almost forgot, female hormones will begin to kick in very soon, so I’d put your clothes back on quickly.” “Wow! I can definitely feel those starting to affect me!” exclaimed Eric. “Oh, and by the way, we informed Jason, your best friend, of your situation, and invited him over to ‘play’ with you, and he should be arriving in a couple minutes.”


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