New Town p1

Last spring I was a sophmore in high school, I had plenty of friends, and I was talking to a pretty girl named Jess and we were about to go out. When second puberty hit me I thought my life was over, but as I lost inches in height… and length, and grew some in my hair and my hips, I was actually amazed by how supportive all of my friends, including Jess, were. I felt like they were really going to help me through it and everything would be okay. So I was devastated when my Dad told my siblings and I that his job was moving him six states away and we all had to go along with him. Not only did I have to leave all my friends at a time when I needed them most, but I wouldn’t even get to enjoy the summer with them. On top of that, I’d have to start my junior year at a new school and in a new gender! Everybody was really good to me at my old school because they knew me before I changed, but now I’d be just some new girl!

We’d just pulled up to our new house and my siblings flew out of the car to check it out. When I stayed behind in the car my dad took notice and asked me what was wrong.

“This is so unfair.” I told him.

“Please, Ben. This kind of stuff happens. I’m sorry we had to move but I had no choice.”

“Do you know how hard this is for me? The last four months have practically ruined my life, and now I don’t even have any friends!” I whined, my voice cracking. My voice was still deep for a girl but was by now undeniably feminine, and continued to slowly get higher. A few weeks ago people on the phone still might call me “sir” over the phone, but that didn’t ever happen anymore.

“You’ll make new friends! You’re a nice, cute girl!” He said frankly.


“What? Ben we talked about this! Look at you.” He said, gesturing at my chest. “Your penis has been gone for a month, and you’re getting chestier by the day. Don’t you think it’ll be easier at school if you just… you know, embraced it?”

My face got flushed as I crossed my hands over my chest and looked away in embarrassment. “They’re not that big.” I insisted.

“Get real, in fact, you’re getting a bra tomorrow!” Dad said in his ‘I’m fed up’ voice. “I don’t want you walking around this new town like that. You know how men can be.”

“Jesus dad!” I screamed, pounding the seat next to me with my small fist. My dad got out of the car and went into the house while I stated behind for a few minutes to calm down. As pissed as I was at him, I knew he was right. I could either be a girl or be a male victim of second pueberty, the sooner I decided which one, the sooner things would get easier. I just couldn’t choose yet.


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