Now be honest do you think it’s a little bit over

Richard stood in front of his friends and ask them what they thought of his costume for the Easter fancy dress party.

Richard’s Friends just sat there gobsmacked and amazed at what their friend was planning to wear.

They knew he had a thing for Asian girls but they never thought he would go & rent a and a ridiculous sailors costume that was basically hiding nothing.

Even though they new it was their friend inside that costume they all cross their legs to hide there raging boners and tried not to stare at the tits that were on display wrapped in a red lace bra.

As they all agreed with a costume like that he was definitely going to win the best fancy dress costume prize with that outfit as they all try to exit the living room to deal with what was going on in their trousers without their friend catching on.

Who was still oblivious to the effects of the body suit he was now wearing which was definitely going to turn some heads this weekend and cause quite a few wet dreams.


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