Not upset he lost

It had been a race, a challenge, something to do over the summer to pass the time.

Roger and Stan were both among the best students at The New Tech School, the world’s premiere school for nanobot research. One summer the two of them decided to engage in a challenge. From scratch build gender changing nanobots. You could buy them at a clinic, but they were incredibly expensive and often in short supply. Building them from scratch would be quite the challenge. First one to make them was the winner. The loser had to take the winners nanobots and be their girlfriend for the summer.

Stan had been pretty confident nearing the end of week three. He was almost done and was deciding if he had the time to do any more sophisticated mods like bigger boobs or increased libido when Roger showed up with a smirk and a little baggy for Stan. Inside was a set of women’s panties and a vial full of blue liquid. Stan’s heart sank and he knew what the vial was. Keeping to the bed, he pulled out the stopper and drank the whole thing. Roger asked him to put the panties on, and when Stan was about to take his shirt off Roger told him not to. He wanted to see Stan’s bulge vanish inside the panties while his old shirt filled up with boobs.

The change took about ten minutes. Stan felt really awkward as Roger stared at him, practically drooling. His body felt really good as it changed and it took a lot of willpower not to touch himself. He wondered if Roger had managed to put some libido enhancers in there as well.

When the changes were done Roger told Stan to lay down on the bed. Stan complied, thinking he knew full well what was coming next.

Roger came over and unbuttoned Stan’s shirt, exposing his large boobs. Then he reached down and gave them a firm but gentle squeeze. Stan let out an involuntary sigh of delight. It felt so good! Roger continued to fondle Stan’s breasts and Stan’s breathing became heavy. He could feel a cool wet spot where he’d soaked his panties through. If this was a precursor for the summer, Stan wasn’t upset he lost the race one bit!


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