Not ready for his new life.

Thomas lay in bed staring at his naked reflection in the mirror with one hand gently rubbing his clitoris no longer excited or thrilled by the sensation it was sending through his new female body.

It was just something to relieve the boredom as he waited for the government to sort out his travel documents so he could resume his normal life as best as possible after the great shift.

When he first found himself in this woman’s body everything was new & exciting but after 6 months of being a woman he really missed being a man.

He was already getting annoyed by the heavy weight of his breasts and the way they always seem to get in the way & the uncomfortable female clothes he had to wear now and the Unbelievable high maintenance of his new female body which was driving him crazy

He just could not get used to having a vagina the constant wetness of it, having to sit down to pee and mother nature’s little visits that reminded him that he was a woman every month and the mess it made when he masturbated.

He just missed the good old days of a hard-on and shooting come not having to worry about if you did not use protection getting pregnant.

Even though he felt the greatest sexual pleasure he ever had in his life when he shoves something between his legs or even just excited his clitoris he would give it all up in a heartbeat to be a man again he was just not cut out to be a woman despite all his efforts.


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