Not Another Minute

“Oh please,” Jason said after having listened to his friend complain for the last hour, “at least you don’t have to carry around these all the damn time.”
Jason and Tony were both victims of the great shift, and while Tony was lucky enough to remain a man, Jason was having a harder time adjusting.
“I mean for goodness sake, boo-friggen-hoo, ‘I was in much better shape before the shift, I’m so much older now.'” Jason mocked, “Get over it. I used to have a dick! I used to be able to pee standing up! I didn’t used to have guys stare at my chest and ass!” He exclaimed.
He took another sip of his wine as Tony stood in silence.
Of course he would never tell Tony that he was starting to enjoy the perks of being a woman, he just couldn’t take another minute of the complaining .


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