Nobody Rides for Free!

“Thanks for the ride Mr. ___ ???”

“Just call me Bob.”

“Great, thanks for the ride Bob. I was starting to think I was going to be stranded here in Savanna.”

“No worries. How far are you willing to go?”


“How far are you going?”

“Oh, oh ok. I’m going all the way down to Orlando.”

“Man that’s a good ways. I’ll take you but remember, gas, ass or grass. Nobody rides for free…”

“Hey, that’s cool. I got plenty of cash and I JUST picked up some awesome weed. Want me to roll one now?”

“No, no – that’s ok. I got plenty of both. What I really need is some ass. Go ahead and jump into the back seat. I’ll be with you once I pull off into that rest stop up ahead.”

I don’t know what came over me but, I climbed into the back seat just like he commanded. Once there, I could feel my body getting lighter. My pants were sliding down my legs and my tighty whities had changed into a lacy thong. It felt Soooooo good. I could feel my tee shirt tightening around my body even as my chest was pushing out into two firm, sensitive tits. I couldn’t believe how GOOD I felt.

Right as I finished transforming and having my first orgasm, I could feel Bob thrust his cock into my new pussy even as my hands started sliding up under my bra. It felt absolutely AMAZING! Right now all I’m thinking about changing my destination to L.A. or San Fran. Who knows, maybe Bob will take all around the world. In this body it’d be a fabulous trip even though I might not see any of the sights.


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