In Too Deep

I had drifted into majoring in Chinese and Political Science, and finding myself with no other majors I could jump into I just went full throttle into them. Grad school for International Affairs and internships with the right government organizations followed. Soon enough I found myself positioned to be an analyst, which was as close to a spy as you could get. After all, field work was a fools game—even if I played the part of some foreign businessman I’d stick out.

Except, I didn’t realize how weird the world really was. After acing what I thought were legacy courses on things like tradecraft, I got taken aside by some higher ups, including the Director of Special Operations. “Mike, I’m gong to offer you something but you need to consider it. We have methods of inserting operatives now that let us get access to places we couldn’t before. But there are consequences, and risks.” And that’s when he just laid it out for me. They had a whole compound of patriotic, or at least well motivated, weirdos who could do amazing things. One of those amazing things was reshaping bodies like clay.

Which was how I ended up as Biyu, a gorgeous and busty Chinese woman who was in the right place at the right time to catch the eye of a businessman with party connections but also a weakness for what the West could offer. I thought it was going to be a cake walk of an assignment. Even if it meant getting intimate with Lok. What I didn’t count on was how much I’d like that, or how great it would feel to be taken care of by him. I started submitting doctored reports, stuff that would help us and keep things going.

When Lok proposed, I told him everything and he still wanted to be with me. I debriefed with the party and now my cover identity is a real one. Sometimes, like on our wedding night, I worry that perhaps there was some occult counter measure at work. But this body and life feel great, as does having a purpose I can enjoy.


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