No Going Back

Matt was just trying to do right by his best friend. Alex had just been dumped right before their mutual friend Zack’s wedding. Alex didn’t want to go to the wedding without a date because he knew his ex was bringing her new boyfriend. So Matt offered to take one of those new temporary gender changing pills and go as Alex’s date. Alex was skeptical until he saw the hottie Matt transformed into. Everything was going great Alex and Matt drove to the hotel the wedding was at and were checking in when Alex’s ex and her new boyfriend showed up. They finished checking in at the same time and all rode the elevator up awkwardly together. Then they realized they had rooms right next to each other. Within minutes Alex and Matt could hear sex noises coming from the next room.
“We need to fuck!” declared Alex “We have to show them up.”
Matt began to panic “I can’t, if any semen gets in this bodies vagina I’ll be stuck as a girl.”
Alex thought for a minute “I guess we’ll have to do anal then. This is better in fact, that bitch never let me touch her ass this will be like revenge.”
Before Matt could respond Alex dropped his pants to the floor and a giant cock flopped out. Matt blushed as he saw his friends member for the first time. twenty minutes later Matt was screaming and moaning as he had the anal fuck of his life. Matt couldn’t wait for Alex to finish. He had decided a while ago that before Alex could cum he was going to shove that dick into his new pussy and make this permanent. There was no way he was going back now it was just too good.


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