Brotherhood of the Traveling Pants (Part 4)

The next one of the girls’ brothers to change was Claire’s brother Chase. Claire set her trap by leaving her pair of enchanted pants in her brother’s room, when Chase got in later that day her found them on his bed, when he picked them up to put them back in his sister’s room it happened, his mind blanked out and his body moved on its own. He slipped out of his sweatpants and pulled the tight fabric of the Yoga Pants over his body.

The magic took effect and changed his body, his skin smoothed out as his body got soft, his legs became fleshy and his stomach smooth, he moaned slightly as his hair got longer and even dyed itself purple. Chase, unlike the other boys to change so far, actually developed some decent sized breasts, it wasn’t a huge surprise though, both Clair and her Mother had large chests.

When Claire went in to check on him later Chase was looking in the mirror, rubbing his delicate fingers over his breasts and butt. Claire smirked…Carla was a sexy little sister.


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