Hereditary machine

Jim was a brilliant scientist who had invented a new machine which could transform your body into that of your relatives and ancestors; in order to work all you needed was a picture of said relative and the machine would turn you into an exact copy of them. (Kind of like a photocopier) Jim thought it could be a really useful tool for genealogists and for proving whether people were related or not.

Helping Jim build his amazing machine was his more practically-minded friend Nathan, who Jim didn’t know all that well but was a very resourceful DIY handyman who was good with his hands. If anyone could help make his plan a reality, it was Nathan.

The day had come to test the machine for the first time, and Jim had decided right from the get-go that he would be the first to step into the chamber. Jim told Nathan that he wanted to test it out by inserting a picture of his great, great uncle who had fought in the first world war.

However, unbeknownst to Jim, Nathan had a very different plan for Jim. Nathan was obsessed with Jim’s Grandmother Cynthia, who had been a playmate in the 60’s. He had fantasised about Cynthia’s young curvy body for years and knew exactly what to do once Jim brought up his idea of this machine. Nathan discarded the photo of Jim’s great, great uncle and instead put in his favourite spread from Playboy of Cynthia posing in a white dressing gown. He clicked start and crossed his fingers as the machine rumbled into life.

A scanner went across the picture and the machine made a loud beeping noise. A thick cloud of steam rose from within the chamber, preventing Jim from seeing the changes, although he certainly felt and enjoyed them.

After a few minutes the beeping ended; the process was complete and the door opened, billowing out the hot steam. Nathan held his breath for the moment of truth, and out walked a gorgeous girl in a big white robe with dark black hair done up in a 60’s bouffant, coughing softly as she emerged from the smoke. It was Cynthia.

Seeing his wet dream in the flesh made him madly horny and Nathan loosened his pants as he felt his erection forming rapidly. Jim felt confused initially why he was wearing a white robe and not his great, great uncle’s infantry uniform, but then he saw the bulge in Nathan’s pants and the female hormones kicked in. Jim quickly faded away, replaced by the confident and lustful nymphomaniac Cynthia.

“Mmm…Hiya hun.” She cooed seductively. “You seem pleased to see me.” She said, focusing intently on Nathan’s crotch, which she was proud to see already approaching full size.

“I feel like a new woman, what do you say I thank you for making me like this?” She posed, raising an eyebrow suggestively.

Nathan stared quizzically, not quite getting the hint; he’d waited years for his dream girl but he was still too obvilious to read the signs she was giving him.

“Ugh” Cynthia groaned, Nathan may not be the brightest tool in the shed but she still wanted to ride his big cock. “I mean, do you want to fuck me?” She grinned, opening her robe and and shaking her chest to reveal a huge pair of bouncing titties and a tight young pussy. This was enough to send Nathan over the edge and he almost leaped onto her, pushed her onto the couch, freed his dick and began to thrust in and out of Cynthia whilst grabbing her boobs and caressing her hard nipples. She discovered he was indeed very good with his hands.

Cynthia never wants to go back to being Jim, so she knows she’ll have to destroy the machine the first chance she gets…Right after Nathan’s done filling her belly with warm, sticky cum.


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