Jason had been out for a couple of beers with a few of his mates.

It was the first time he had been out with his friends since becoming a woman in the great shift.

He had had a little bit too much to drink so his friend Frank being a real gentleman walked him back to his apartment which was a little bit uncomfortable for both of them.

Jason was surprised by how turned on his little body was getting as he walked next to his strapping friend.

He did not know if it was the alcohol lowering his inhibitions but he was starting to see Frank in a completely different light as they walk together down the street.

By the time Jason got to his apartment he was really turned on and he decided to invite Frank in for a nightcap which at first Frank refused but after a little bit of pleading on Jason’s part he gave in.

Jason left Frank sitting in the living room whilst he kicked off his high heels and padded in stocking feet down the hallway to the kitchen & turned on the coffee percolator before going to his bedroom to get into something a little bit more comfortable.

After getting changed he wandered into the living room and stood in the doorway and said to a stunned Frank what do you think of my new nightie as he lifted up the hem and did a spin.

Frank just sat their eyes wide open not knowing where to look as his friends spun around in his nightie with no knickers on not sure what to do next as Jason said should we forget the coffee and take this into the bedroom with a playful grin on his face.

Frank knew his friend was a little bit tipsy and this was probably the alcohol talking and they both probably would regret it in the morning but like an obedient dog he just followed his friend into the bedroom stripping his clothes off as he went thinking to himself fuck the consequences will deal with that in the morning.

As he slowly shut the door behind him before joining his friend beneath the sheets for a night off sloppy drunken and passionate sex which by the sound of things Frank new Jason was enjoying.


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