New relationship

As I felt him pouding my little ass behind me, I started to regret.
Why did I show him the magic remote?
First, he swapped bodies with me, then he enhanced “my” body, and made me look smaller. He found it funny but didn’t stop there. He made me act all shy, while he boosted his self-confidence. I became strangely… admirative towards him.
Then he changed my wardrobe. I had to dress in very feminine clothes while he was wearing my clothes. I started to find him attractive.
That’s when my body started to change for real. I came paler, smaller, thinner… Soon, I realised I was becoming a girl. The perfect girl for him.
He started to fondle my breasts… And I liked it. I could only moan. Feminine moans… I started to blush. He held me into his strong arms and that’s how our new relationship began.


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