New Hardware at Lowes

Terrence was looking for some new hardware at Lowes, and the lady leading him to one of the hardware isles was tired of him staring at her chest. Terrence was a boob man, plain and simple. He loved of the bosoms!

“You like these so much do you? What do you do for a living, Sir?”

“I’m an investment banker, and retired, I’m self made,” said Terrence staring again.

“You like these so much? You would give anything to get them I bet, well here you can have them,” said the sales woman who’s name was Rhonda.

Suddenly Terrence was in Rhonda’s body, and had new hardware to use! Being a perverted boob man however, he didn’t freak out, and once he realized who he was and what he now had, he pushed bra down and pulled out his boobs right there in the store! He was playing with them and was happy!

“This is way better from this side, I love them, thank you, and your name is?”

The woman in Terrance’s body said, “RHONDA, what the heck, you will get me fired doing that, but then again the swap I did was one way, so who cares, get your busty self fired for all I care, RHONDA!”

“One way? Wow, so I don’t have to beg you to keep them? Great, I’ll gladly do your life and job for these babies. I’ll put them away for safe keeping for now though,” said the new Rhonda giggling.

“Wow, you lost millions possibly, and all you care about is having those “babies” on your chest? Amazing, you are really a boob guy or gal now. I guess you don’t mind, tell me were I live and I’ll be on my way, and I’ll tell you all about yourself before I leave too, including my boyfriend who loves to titty fuck the shit out of me,” said Rhonda in Terrence’s body.

“Why does having boyfriend and titty fucking turn me on? I guess it come’s with this new body, tell me where my boyfriend is, I want him to fuck me up YES BABY I’M A FUCKING HOT GIRLFRIEND WITH BIG TITS AND A FAT ROUND ASS. Silly rabbit dicks are for chicks, and I’m a CHICK SO GIMME DICK,” said the new Rhonda!

“Don’t make a scene you’ll get fired, wow you really can’t control yourself in my body, amazing. Just shut up do my job and after I’ll show you what you need to know. You should be able to do this job, you are in here all the time, enjoy that body, I know I’ll enjoy your money and retirement in mine,” said the new Terrence.

Both were much happier after, and Terrence’s first time having sex as Rhonda was off the charts.


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