Nephew to Aunt

Gary swapped bodies with his Aunt Veronica for the weekend as part of an experiment his uncle Ted was doing. It was a success, and Gary was stunned at how good he felt being his own aunt and a woman. Then he started getting new urges, and hiked up his skirt as he seen a handsome man on TV. Gary waited until Veronica went out in his body, and Ted was busy, and snuck out of the house. He went to his buddy Lee’s house, and pretended to be Veronica.

He once again hiked up his skirt on Lee’s couch and said, “Come on there Lee, don’t you want to do, Gary’s aunt? I’m into you, so you can cum into me, no pun intended.”

Lee grew an instant boner as his pants tented. Gary spread his nylon clad legs, and ripped open his crotch on his pantyhose, exposing his new pussy to Lee, and admiring how good he smelled. For some reason his pussy smelled like fresh peaches! Lee lunged forward into Gary, and they both had a wild time.

Later that day, lightening hit Ted’s machine, destroying it, and the charge killed Ted as well! A fire started and burned the whole place down, so any notes were gone too. When Veronica and Gary arrived back to a burning house, they were both in grief of losing Ted, and also realizing without the machine or any notes they would be stuck as each other.

Veronica didn’t handle it well, and Gary handled it way better like he handled his buddy Lee that day! What Gary didn’t know though, was that he was pregnant, and would not only be a woman, but a mom in nine months!


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