My Tutor is a Shapeshifter

I wasn’t doing so well in school so my parents hired me a tutor, Howard. The first few lessons were really boring and my grades weren’t getting any better so Howard made me a deal. It turned out he was a Shapeshifter and it seems that he found a way to get me to focus on my studies, when he would quiz me if i got a question right he’d become a little more feminine and if I could Ace a test he would let me go all the way with him as a girl.

Needless to say I threw myself into my work, each study session I was doing better and better, Hannah, what I called female Howard, was getting sexier and sexier each time, long silky hair, big heavy breasts…just perfect. Today was a big exam and I was set, I knew I was gonna get a 100…I was so confident I had already packed a condom.


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