Here you go Ms. Reynolds. This was taken on her wedding night as she serviced her new husband for the first time.

My god! That’s really James? That’s really my brother?

I guarantee it. You wished him out of your life, not killed, but somewhere he would never be found. His or rather her name is now Jamie.

He, He. If Daddy could only see his precious son and heir now. She looks happy. Is she?

Who’s to say. The spell makes it impossible to act in any other way. We feel that most become accepting , if not to out right love their new life over time. But does t really matter?

Not really. You say this is permanent?

Absolutely. Jamie will be a loving, obedient wife, and in about 9 months, a doting mother for the rest of her long life.

A baby? You mean I’m to be an aunt?

Maybe technically but not biologically. There is no DNA connection to your family. That is one of the ways we make sure James will never be found.

I see. I just had not thought of a baby. I don’t wish my brother any harm, just to be gone. Would it be possible for you to provide an update on them from time to time?

Certainly, Ms. Reynolds. And if you continue to have problems with your father, please call on us again. I’m sure we can find a solution there also.

Thank you Mr. Smith. You’ve been most helpful.


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