How to walk

Me and my friend Amy used to talk about the stupidiest things all the time. “So how do models sway their asses like that? they look so hot” I asked Amy. “It’s all on the heels” she said. “I don’t believe you, you have to show me” I said. She then got a couple of heels out of her closet, and a very revealing thong and bra. “Alright!” I said, thinking she was going to model for me. “They are not for me, silly, they’re for you!” she said.

“ha ha, very funny, I am not going to wear women’s clothes! are you crazy!” I said. “Come on, don’t be such a wuss. I promise you will like it she said. If you do, I promise I will let you get to second or third base” she said. Well, I always had a crush on Amy, so I agreed. “Just no pictures or video”.

I took off my clothes infront of her, which she seemed to like. She handed me the clothes, and wore them, I felt discusted. “Now walk” she said. I started walking, it was harder than I thought. I was trying not to fall down, plus, the thong felt just wrong against my equipment. “Do it gracefully” she said. And without even realizing it, I was walking with easy, I could feel my ass swaying, and bouncing. “Wow this is hot” I said, noticing my voice had gone up in pitch.

“What the hell?” I said while looking down. I had smooth feminine legs, my equipment was no longer sticking out of my thong, if I was right, it wasn’t even there. My bra was full with D size breasts. “why did you do this?” I asked her. “Well, you wanted me to show you how models do it. So I thought, what better way to show you than to experience it” she said. Somehow that sounded right. “Oh, and ready to get to make out?” she asked. “Oh yes, can’t wait. But second or third base?”. “Great. That’s up to you really” she said while openning the front door of her appartment, “this is James, and he likes you a lot. Lets see where you two get to”.

I knew I should have been mad, but he was good looking, and I really felt sexy and hot. So I guess it shouldn’t be so bad to make out with him. And screw third base, I am letting him score.


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