Ms. Man

Ted asked Ms. Man if she would like a man, meaning him. She said she didn’t “do” students, but he could still experience sex with her. He was confused until later in the evening when he blacked out after eating dinner.

Suddenly he had a naked set of tits, long hair around his head, tan stockings, and a man pumping into his new pussy! His mouth opened with a gasp of shock and pleasure as he hear Ms. Man’s voice, now his own! Now he knew what she meant, he was experiencing sex with her, AS HER! Her boyfriend was none the wiser, and Ted just went along for the ride, stunned, but feeling very pleasurable also. Was he into men now?

“Oh, Oh, I’m Ms. Man, and I want my man,” said Ted in Ms. Man’s body before having multiple orgasms, and actually squirting her boyfriend.

Meanwhile Ms. Man in Ted’s body smiled, she was now a young man, and the switch was permanent! She used a permanent spell to change their lives. She hoped he liked being a hot teacher as she would be a young stud from now on!


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