more of a trap than expected

Cassie’s the one who found the spell. Who would even make a spell like that? Turn someone into their own dream carnal lover?

It felt like a trap. A trick to get me to reveal that she wasn’t my dream lover. I mean, I loved Cassie, but a guy had fantasies! She was a sexy brunette, but I wanted a sexy blond. She was tall, but I wanted someone petite. She was strong willed, I wanted someone a little more pliable and submissive. On a day to day basis Cassie’s traits were much more enjoyable, but in the heat of a passionate moment I wanted something else. Sue me.

Cassie was persistent. She always was. She wanted us both to cast the spell and spend the weekend as our own fantasies. A part of me was curious to see what her fantasy lover was, but a bigger part of me knew not to trust magic. Eventually she wore me down and I gave in. I turned into a petite little blond and she turned in to a giant black man.

I don’t know if it was part of the spell or my fantasy, but I wanted desperately to suck Cassie’s new giant cock, so I did. I played with my tits while I bobbed my head back and forth, taking as much of it in my throat as I could. Suddenly she twitched and filled me throat with cum. I swallowed a lot of it as she pulled out, leaving a bead of cum running down my chin. I looked up at her, shocked at what I’d just done as she told me these changes were permanent…


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