Two years ago I bought the best toy a man could buy. It was made out of plastic, it wasn’t a “toy gun” but it certainly looked like one. Eith it, I could transform any man into a woman. The best part was, they would not remember their former life.

When I first bought it, I didn’t know what it was capable of. But one day, by mistake I turned my neighbor into a girl. I tried using the gun to turn him back. But the gun didn’t work. “Maybe its broken” I thought.

I walked out to the street and pointed my new toy gun at a girl, nothing happened. “Yes, definetely broken”. Then I saw a father walking with his daughter, I pointed the gun and shot. The man was immidiately transformed into that girl’s sister. They just continued walking and holding hands like nothing happened. The possibilities were endless.

For two years I’ve causing mischief. Turning bullies into girls, robbers into women, and anybody else that would mess with me.

One day I was at the beach, I saw the most beautiful brunette I had ever seen. She was wearing a brown bikini. I talked to her a little bit, she wasn’t only hot, but also smart and funny. Her name was Amy, I asked her out, but she said she couldn’t she was already dating someone. I walked away, I knew what I had to do. I went to my room for my toy gun, and waited for her boyfriend to show up.

They started making out right there infront of the pool. I guess they thought nobody was watching. I pointed the gun and bam!, Her boyfriend was gone, and in his place was a topless blonde bimbo in a pink bikini. She quickly covered herself up. Not knowing what had happened. I walked to Amy, “hey, do you want to go on a date with me?” I asked her. “I told you before, I am already dating someone. Plus, I am not into men”. Reality had changed, She was still dating the same person, but now that he was a woman, they were lesbians. I apologized and went back to my room.

When I got there, I realized I had forgotten the gun downstairs. I quickly went back, and the blonde, Amy’s girlfriend was holding it. “Hey, that’s mine, please give it back” I said. “Aren’t you a little bit old for toys?” she said. “It’s my nephews” I answered. “Sure, here you go” she said, while pressing the trigger. “No!” I yelled. It was the last words I said as a man. I felt myself sink inside my own consciousness. I felt the whole world change around me. “You keep it” I said in a girly voice.

I realized I was not in control. My new body started moving by its own. It was when I learned how the gun really worked. I was trapped, I was never to be a man again. I was never to speak or move again, I were only to observe and feel. This new me was a bimbo too. Plus kind of a nympho. She slept with a different guy everyday of the week. I want to say I hated it. But the truth was I enjoyed not having to worry about anything, plus sex felt great.


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