Marital Swap Therapy

Greg and Emma’s marriage had been on the brink of divorce when they went for counselling together, giving it one last try. A lot of their troubles had stemmed from the fact that Greg was quite old fashioned in his ways and had been brought up to believe that the man should make the big decisions whilst Emma was a modern, go getting girl, who wanted to take more control of her life and who rebelled against his authoritarian stance.

Greg had been reluctant at first, when the counselor had told them that they might benefit from a beta version of Marital Swap Therapy (to be know as MST), having been told that it would involve them swapping roles, at least as he had understood it. He loved Emma dearly though and would try anything that might save their marriage. Emma had agreed immediately and was enthusiastic even.

Two days later they undertook the procedure. At first Greg was shocked. He had thought it involved a version of role playing and hadn’t realized that their souls would be switched into each others body, only changing back when both agreed that it had either been a success or that they had failed. Greg (now Emma) soon fell victim to hid own beliefs as Emma (now Greg) took control of the relationship, reveling in his new sense of power and responsibility, whilst the new Emma began to find that being mainly subservient held its own subtle rewards.

As the new Emma lay back and accepted her husbands dominance, loving the feeling of penetration as her warm wet folds of flesh engulfed his hard and rigid cock, she considered her future as a loving and supportive wife, finding it hard to admit that, at this moment, she had never been happier.

This was just as well as the new Greg loved the feeling of his masculine superiority, as he saw it, and had intention of ever agreeing to change back to Emma. As his seed entered Emma’s womb he looked forward to starting his new life with a new family. He was sure Emma would make a wonderful mother.


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