Astral Leisure

I let my hand through my hair. Well, technically it was Jasmines hair. My legs were still a bit unsteady so I had to lean against the chest of drawers so I could stand up.
My foray´s into astral walking had paid of way better than I ever could have thought. First I considered it humbug but gave it a try just in case. Turned out I was a natural. In the beginning I could leave my body on float around in my room, then I could explore the house with a greater extent of control. Then it dawned on me that I could use my newfound ability to sneak peek on my hot neighbour Jasmine. I flew over there and I saw her sleeping. It was so surreal, I could walk through walls and look at other people.
I wanted to touch her so I reached out with my transparent hand against her…knockers. When I made contact another strange thing happened. I got sucked into her and took over her body!
I opened my eyes and smelled the air. My chest felt heavy and the hair was a mess. I looked at myself in the mirror and Jasmine looked back at me. I started to make faces and she mimicked every move I made.
There was a low rumble from the gut and I was expelled from her body, but still in her room.
She looked confused. “Did I sleepwalk?”, she muttered to herself.
Personally I felt that I wanted more time in her body and I touched her boobs again with my incorporeal hand. Nothing happened.
I tried running into her. Jump into her. Sit on her. But nothing worked. Not until she went to sleep again. Those natural mental defenses seemed to be down when you were sleeping.
I possessed her again and this time I decided to try to mentally keep her sleeping. It worked acutally, I got a longer stay this time around.
Practice makes perfect. Nowdays I can manage five hours without being ejected. The more often I take her over the longer I can stay.
She doesnt understand yet why she can be more tired waking up than going to bed. I can thank my newly aquired proficency in mental manipulation for that one.
I`ll have to go now because I have got an date with some sexy lingerie that she doesnt know she own, and a full set of vibrators that she doesnt know exist.


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