Magical Seashell

Sam was walking on the beach when he noticed a peculiar looking seashell. It had colors and a pattern that he had not seen before. Curiously, Sam went to pick it up.

As the he picked up the seashell, Sam shrunk a bit from 6’0″ to 5’9″. His facial hair dissappeared as it became more girly and feminine. His brown hair grew longer, becoming a bit wavy as it went down to his chest. Sam felt his face change as it no longer was a man’s face, but a female’s. He had strikingly beautiful blue eyes that could pierce through people, figuratively, of course. His face now bared a heavy resemblance to a well-known supermodel. His Adams apple was gone now.

Sam: “I look like Miranda Kerr!”

Sam then noticed his now Australian accent.

Excited, Sam saw that his clothes had changed into an orange bikini. He had already lost his body hair, leaving him looking androgynous. His arms and hands looked like an average girl’s. He saw his legs slenderize as they gained a bit of muscle. Sam gave them a feel, rubbing up and down his almost seemingly endless legs.

Sam: “Ooh, They’re so soft! I bet guys would love looking at these.”

His waist scrunched inwards to a small 21 inches, emphasizing his new curves. His hips followed suit as they pushed outwards to 34 inches. His chest lost some muscle yet retained a fit core, reflecting his supermodel body. His bones cracked and popped. Sam felt his body become more feminine in shape as his bones were more like a female’s.

His butt started to grow larger and rounder as fat made it bigger. He felt his new behind and giggled at how nice it looked. It felt squishy in his dainty and manucured hands. His nipples became erect as two 32B sized breasts grew out from his chest, making him moan. Sam felt the final change as the magic focused on his genitals. His penis inverted itself, becoming a mirror image of Miranda Kerr’s. She felt her new clit and started to finger herself as her libido hit an all time high. She kept on going until she orgasmed in bliss.

Later, Miranda decided to relax in the tropics with her new job as a supermodel.


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