Last look

“Well, hon, take one last look at these beauties from this perspective, because they are about to return to you, their rightful owner”
A week ago, Luis and her wife Libby had found a strange clay skull while walking on a wilderness trek in a national park. Doing some research they found out that the piece was created by a local, extint civilization and that they were supposed to be able to swap peoples bodies.
Well, the legends were true, and accidentaly Luis and her wife ended up trading bodies.
They had to live each others lives for the week while desperately researching a way to bring things back to normal. Finally, Libby’s sister Ana, whom they had informed of their situation, had found out how the skull worked and to test it swapped bodies with her sister, ending up in Luis’ body.
They quickly informed Luis of their find and he quickly returned home bursting with happines, incredibly glad of saying goodbye to the enormous breasts and the vagina he now had, so happy in fact that he couldn’t help to start removing his female clothing as soon as he entered his home.
But it was not meant to be, and Libby doesn’t know how to tell her husband that he is going to be stuck in her body for life since, in their excitement over the thing working she and Ana had accidentaly dropped it and it had shattered to pieces.
Libby looks sad, checking her sister’s body, worried about the future. What she doesn’t know is that the skull falling to the ground was no accident, but a deliberate action from Ana who had always resented the constant teasing and bullying of her older sister, and now has the chance to leave her in her body with her flatter chest and average looks while she takes over her marriage and her brother-in-law’s body and at the same time leaving him in her sister’s busty female body. She had always loved him but he had forgotten about her as soon as he met Libby, ignoring all her advances. Well, now he was married to her, and Ana is going to love fucking her “wife” knowing that she is really the man she has always loved and that they were always destined to be together.


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